Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Can Musharraf make a difference as a civilian leader?

Yes of course he can make a difference as a civilian leader only if he absolutely reconsiders his polices and honestly would review the consequences of all his agenda he had been implementing since first day of his rule.Obviously he should be sincerely committed to "Pakistan Comes First" and that will be only possible if and only if he stops following the foreign agenda blindly for nothing but making Pakistan weaker day by day.He should immediately take notice of the bad reputation of Pakistan being developed across the globe for last couple of months.
A response to BBC "Have your Say " Section.

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Mohabtain said...

The person who had stolen the goodness of a nation and pride of a country's army, just for his personal allegent, the one who is the president of a nation and addressd them as ' We will hit u from where u even dont KNOW' , the one who killed hundrads of Innocent childs who were only students of Jameya,and reason was even ignorable, and in last, i dont think that a person whose moto was 'Sbse pehly pakistan' and that person runs from pakistan Sb se pehly, can be a good leadr for pakistan. We must understand hard realties, not Musharaf, not zardari, nor nawaz Sharif and niether Imran khan can give us a bright future. We should not wait for one More Muhamad Ali jinah, we should not wait for one More Teepu Sultan, if we want freedom, if we want goodness, if We want our Pride and Rights, back to our hands, we must start acting Like Jinah and Teepu! Thanx.