Monday, January 17, 2011

Comment on Amir Hasim Khakwani coulm

Dear Amir Sb,

I really appreciate todays Colum . We as a nation really need to know this spirit. I have been a great fan of karwan-eIlm Foundation. Adding more I have one serious concern that why have you missed some other highly reputed national NGOs having religious roots like Al-rasheed trust (renamed Al-Ameen trust ) has great contribution in Earth Quake and Flood Disasters. I bet one if you would like to have research on this particular NGO I am sure enough that you would can’t help experiencing a new positive change in your opinion. Please do consider my request.

To name few Al-Akhtar Trust , Ehsan Trust (working in association of Al-Meezan bank), Al-Khidmat Trust and Falah foundation are also in queue for your attention please.

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