Thursday, January 27, 2011

TV commercials on Pakistani Media

comment on Maha Blog

Respected Mahaa,
It was beyond of my imagination that some one will ever high light in exactly the same you did. Excellent Job. You worthily justified comprehensive commentary above . Explaining more that though yo have taken into consideration the only point of academics that Advertisement theory is absolutely ignored and i believe that Pakistan would be a rare exception in this case.

In addition to above that the dynamics of TV Commercials in Pakistan have dramatically changed from sober to annoying jingles since the ban on tobacco advertisements. Luckily(electronic media) the vaccume after banning on cigarettes have been filled by cellular companies.
Currently TV commercials are seductive in nature rather than persuasive advertisements exactly opposite to what our society and culture chemistry is.

last but not the least that we should also mention the one most nice exception in the row started seeing recently on TV screens

whoever idea is this ... he deserve great applause and appreciation for making this particular advertisement a very rare theme which actually desired among the row .....

Any ways you will keep highlighting things like will have our moral support.


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